First blog post (the titles will get better)

Well, readers (none as of now)… this is my blog! I’m not really a great writer, but blogging is a part of my next year, so here goes. NOLA YAV, I’m coming for you in just 7 months. All that’s between those 7 months is 11 weeks of student teaching, a PC choir trip to Europe, graduation, leaving my most favorite people and place (Go hose!), and spending another summer in some pretty neat mountains. Wow. That’s a lot. All of these events are wonderful, but these 7 months will also be about preparing my heart, soul, and body for a life changing YAV year.  I am hopeful that I will reflect on the upcoming year through this blog and share parts of my life with all the people who mean so much to me.

Thanks for reading, but not really because this was just sorta a test run and I have zero followers or readers.




8 thoughts on “First blog post (the titles will get better)

  1. Make that four! We’re so proud of you and can’t wait to see what this exciting opportunity brings. You’re also giving us good reason to visit a city that’s on our must-see list 🙂


  2. How exciting Elizabeth! Sounds like a whirlwind 7 months before you even get to New Orleans. I know you will be fantastic and as always a huge inspiration to all you meet.


  3. So excited for you and this opportunity. Your light will shine very bright in NOLA and I cant wait to hear about your adventures and the people you meet. I have already proposed a girls trip to your Mom…wouldn’t that be fun! xoxo


  4. A new adventure awaits! Looking forward to hearing all about how your passion and endless enthusiasm brightens the world of NOLA!


  5. I’m in! I love reading blogs about new adventures and I’m looking forward to reading yours. I am pretty new to FPC, but I have met and talked to you. I feel pretty certain you will grow in ways you can’t imagine and many people will be graced by your hard work, enthusiasm and love.


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