I’m Elizabeth or Eliza or maybe even Swiz.

For an about me let’s just try 10 things about me.

  1. Frederick, Maryland is the place I am proud to call home.
  2. GO HOSE!
  3. I love my family (2 cats included) SO much.
  4. FaceTime is one of my favorite activities.
  5. And so is reading children’s books.
  6. I can watch TV and vedge like it is a job.
  7. I really, REALLY love queso.
  8. Not sure what I want to be when I grow up.
  9. I like to think of myself as an extremely loyal person.
  10. A few of my favorite things are chacos, cherry coke zero, Michelle Obama, and church music. And obviously, The Sound of Music.


If you would like to give financially towards my YAV year, here is the address:

YAV Program

Layne Brubaker
PO Box 8666
New Orleans, LA 70182

Checks made payable to: Presbytery of South Louisiana, “Elizabeth Myers – YAV” in the Memo line